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Oswald Harmounian
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Oswald Harmounian, often referred to as, simply, "Oz", or "The Oz", is an occasional tritagonist on the Nickelodeon television series. Fanboy and Chum Chum think he is "the most knowledgeable human being ever," yet in reality, he is a nerdish know-it-all who lives with his elderly mother. He often says "seriously" as a means of punctuating his opinions. He runs a comic shop called Oz Comix, and he has a vast stock of comics and collectibles, all of which he hoards, and none of which he is willing to sell. He is plump, has a ponytail, a beard and wears a black high collared leather jacket. It is not known how old Oz is, but he is quite likely of the age when it is no longer cool to be living with one's mother. Voiced by Josh Duhamel.


Oz is a greedy adult and owner of a comic shop called Oz Comix, in which he does not sell a single item, yet does not allow any customer to touch or handle the collectibles on display or for sale. The character remains living with his mother and her pet goat Mitzi. To Fanboy and Chum Chum, Oz is a legendary being, but in reality, he is a normal human.


The Oz has peach skin and black hair in a ponytail. He has a small, black, triangular beard on his large chin. Oz's eyes are white with black pupils. The character is usually shown wearing a black leather coat and a red T-shirt with a yellow symbol of a noseless cat on it. He has a small mustache on his face. On each of his two hands, there are three fingers and a thumb. His jeans are blue and fastened with a black belt.


Oz has appeared in many episodes of Fanboy & Chum Chum. His first appearance was in Trading Day. His last appearance will might be in the series finale or soon.